This release improves assessment compliance tracking using our new assessment compliance scoring.

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What’s New

Risk Assessment Enhancement Risk Management Software Solutions

Each assessment now contains a compliance score, which is calculated when it is validated based on the difference between the current and residual risk score and the number of outstanding actions. If the risk assessment has not been validated or is past its reassessment date, the compliance score reverts to zero (0).

Completed actions, when an assessment is active and the action contains a risk offset, automatically reduce the risk score, which in turn increases the compliance score.

Enhancements to Risk Assessment Compliance Tracking Risk Management Software Solutions

Risk assessments no longer have a binary (compliant / non-compliant) compliance score. Instead, we have used the risk assessment compliance score to provide a more accurate view of your compliance status. This new methodology will apply to all estate components, their relevant compliance score summaries, and the overall compliance scores. Using the assessment scheduling capability under Tasks will also mark the assessment as compliant until the scheduled task becomes due.

Enhancements to the Compliance Area View Risk Management Software Solutions

We have added compliance scores under each connected compliance record to provide more information about problem areas linked to the compliance area.


  • Remove risk offset when the assessment type scoring is disabled
  • Remove the asset cell in print mode when no asset is selected
  • We have distributed our background task handling to reduce waiting time for assessment downloads and others
  • Fixed PDF creation timeout issue
  • Fixed the delete button not appearing under some multi-input records
  • When assigned compliance manager role only, not reports showing under various list views
  • Confirmation messages were sometimes not disappearing when clicking the OK
  • Fixed the formatting issue when changing the document date


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